Spectrum Bat

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Product Overview

Hand crafted Grade 1 or 2 English Willow, the 2019/20 Spectrum Bat is a well balanced bat with a mid range profile, with a slightly concaved spine for all over performance.

With a round handle, made out of cane and rubber it delivers the optimal combination of power, control and flexibility. A constant maximum edge profile running from toe to shoulder makes the VICE is an imposing bat.

A slight bow which generates perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power. The toe has been rounded slightly, enabling the bat to have more wood where it is required - in the middle. A wide flat face provides even distribution across the full face enabling accuracy, power and confidence in your shot selection.

Available in weights from 2lb 6oz - 2lb 11oz

Chevron Multigrip

All Spectrum bats come in a natural finish. Extratec Clear and Fibre facings are available.

As used by Tabby Saville and Alex Price
(SA Scorpions and Adelaide Strikers)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review