2022 Ultimate Pads

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Product Overview

The 2022 Ultimate Pads offers you the best possible protection and fabrics available in the market. The pad is of Test level protection and quality.

The sleek white design with minimal no fuss branding on the front of the pad is perfect for the cricketer looking for a traditional sleek pad with all the trimmings.

Made of highest quality LPU, ultra light and strong.
The pads have three layer protections and ultra modern knee roll with hard fiber cup shaped inserted to give the uttermost protection.
Being flexible it wraps around the legs and gives extra protection.
Designed with different cuts and high raised extra EVA sheet used on front knee and wings gives extra protection.
Padded straps and cushion tabs.
High quality pads.
Embossed Logos

As used by:
Cameron Gannon - Western Australia
Gabe Bell - Tasmanian Tigers


(No reviews yet) Write a Review